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Make any day CANADA DAY at your school

Having performed more than 5,000 of his CANADA IS FOR KIDS shows over the years, Michael Mitchell is regarded as one of the most prolific performers in Canadian elementary schools. His performance of songs and stories celebrate some of the many wonders that make this country the best place on earth to live. Michael has composed and recorded songs for SESAME STREET and PBS/NOVA and is the former co-host of the CTV Children’s program STORYTIME.

Performance Name:

Michael Mitchell – CANADA IS FOR KIDS (live stream show)

Performance Description:

What makes Canada the best place on earth to live? Michael helps students identify and celebrate some of the many things that make this country and its people so special: history; geography; ‘quirky’ characters; and amazing facts. No two shows are completely alike because the song selections are chosen in advance in collaboration with the school staff – and the students, if you want to be REALLY democratic about it! Every song is augmented with videos, further enhancing the performance.

The complimentary Teaching Kit sent in advance of the show is packed with resources that you can use not only to prepare for the live stream performance but also to augment your other music and social studies units throughout the year. These resources include 25 x mp3 song files, music and colouring books, and other useful and fun tools.

Thanks to live streaming, you can choose to book your show(s) weeks or just days in advance. Michael can do a morning show in Ontario and an afternoon show in BC. Ahh, the wonders of technology!

Grade Suitability:

Usually K-5 but K-8 can be accommodated, as each show is individually crafted to suit the ages of the students in attendance at each session. Many schools opt to have one show tailored for their K-3 classes and a second one for the 4+ classes.


First show on any day – $400 plus tax (for any number of classes). Additional shows that same day – $300 each plus tax

Tech/Set up Requirements:

The Michael Mitchell CANADA IS FOR KIDS show is live streamed directly into your classrooms via your choice of either ZOOM or MICROSOFT TEAMS. If you like, you can project the concert onto a SmartBoard, AV projector, or TV screen. Students can even connect from home in the event that they are not present in class.

Audience Capacity:

No limit. Depending on your school equipment, you can have multiple classes or individuals login to the live stream presentation. However, for maximum presentation relevance we recommend that you consider separate presentations for K-3, 4-7.

Program Duration:

55-60 minutes is standard. Almost any variation can be accommodated depending on the needs of the school. There will always be time after the show for questions and answers with the students.