Canada: beautiful, funny, and even a bit strange!

Make any day Canada Day at your school!
Let’s explore some of the wonders of Canada!
Here’s n overview of what happens in my shows.

Delivering live stream concerts straight to your classrooms in real time.

From my broadcast studio facility I can now stream my CANADA IS FOR KIDS shows directly to individual schools using live stream technology.  Schools can book one, or multiple, 45-minute LIVE custom-tailored performances that they can project using their SmartBoards (or multi-media projectors) and even connect to students who are learning remotely from home. Connecting is as easy as logging into a ZOOM meeting.

Every show is performed in real time, and each song is enhanced with dynamic videos that support the varied Canadiana themes being portrayed in every musical piece.

A 45-minute live sream (virtual) broadcast costs just $400 plus GST. Schedule additional customized LIVE STREAM shows throughout the day for different classes for only $300 each.

NOTE: IN PERSON concerts will no longer be offered in most circumstances. All future performances will be delivered via LIVE STREAMING in real time.