What is in the Teaching Kit?

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Michael Mitchell - Canada Is For Kids Teaching Kit (4th Edition - 2012)

This Michael Mitchell "Canada Is For Kids" Teaching Kit, which includes 25 songs and dozens of resources and tools has been designed to help teachers prepare for a concert at their school.


There are five main elements to this Teaching Kit:

1. Show Preparation Tools;

2. Teaching Resources;

3. Song Tracks for the 25 most popular songs from the Canada Is For Kids music collection; and

4. Song tracks for four of Michael’s versions of our national anthem, ‘O Canada’ – English, French, bilingual and instrumental.

Show Preparation Tools

A collection of tips to help staff, students and parents prepare to join in on this celebration of songs and stories of Canada's heritage and also do derive the maximum value from hosting the show.  Most of these pages are designed for you to print out and distribute as you see fit.


Teaching Resources


The reproducible lyric sheet includes the words for the 25 select songs included in this package. Print copies so any student can have their own collection of Canadiana songs for use in the classroom, at home, or even at the concert.


A short history of Canadaʼs national anthem plus printable posters with the lyrics in English and French, a music chart and four recordings of the anthem in English, French, bilingual and instrumental versions. A great classroom tool.


Music charts and background information for all 40 songs in the complete 3-volume Canada Is For Kids CD collection.


Reproducible Canadiana colouring images that relate to many themes from the songs. There are also electronic colouring images that can be coloured on your computers.


One of Michael Mitchellʼs most popular childrenʼs songs is crafted into an animated cartoon that helps kids learn about the significance of the images found on the most common Canadian coins.


Use these student notes in conjunction with the songs to teach older students about the history and significance of folk music in Canada.


Electronic and printable Canadiana games and puzzles for people of all ages.

25 Music Files

Includes 25 mp3 song files of the most popular selections from the 40-song Canada Is For Kids music collection (sold separately as Canada Is for Kids, Volumes 1, 2, and 3). You can make copies of any or all of the songs that you would like to distribute to classrooms to help them prepare for the concert.

Music charts and lyrics for all songs can be found in the enclosed Big Canadian Music Book and on the Lyric Sheet.  Music files contained in this package include:

1. SOMETHING TO SING ABOUT - Oscar Brand - Travel from coast to coast with this famous ballad
   2. LITTLE TREES - Michael Mitchell - Michael wrote this song for Sesame Street.  It tells about the important job each of us has, to give young trees a chance to grow up to be big trees.
   3. I'SE THE B'Y - Traditional - The people of Newfoundland are fun-loving people who create wonderful songs about their everyday life.  One of their most famous songs tells the story of a fisherman who goes out to catch fish and take them home to his wife, Liza.  They have a unique way of talking in Newfoundland and sometimes use words and phrases that you would never hear anywhere else in the world.
   4. FAREWELL NOVA SCOTIA - Traditional - Written just after the First World War, this is a song about being prepared to defend our country.  It is the official song of Nova Scotia.
   5. V'LA L'BON VENT - Traditional - This song is over 300 years old and was sung by the Voyageurs and Coureurs de Bois who roamed throughout Canada when it was a new nation.  Such songs kept up their spirits when they had to paddle for up to 18 hours a day, and it also helped them to keep the oars working in rhythm, making everyone's work easier.
   6. CANADA IN MY POCKET - Michael Mitchell - This song describes the significance of the symbols found on some of our Canadian coins.
   7. THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND - Woody Guthrie - Many of us think that this is an original Canadian song.  The truth is that this is an American song which described the things that made the writer proud of his country.  About 20 years ago, a Canadian singer discovered the song, changed some of the words to describe Canadian places and we have been singing it here ever since.
   8. LOG DRIVERS WALTZ - Wade Hemsworth - This song, which you might have seen on a TV  music video, tells the story about the fine dancing skills which loggers were supposed to have as a result of their need to be light-footed when working logs down Canadian rivers to saw mills or to open water.
   9. ALBERTA BOUND - Gordon Lightfoot - Here’s a song which is popular among cowboys, cowgirls and other Albertans.
  10. THE BLUENOSE - Michael Stanbury - Several years ago, the famous schooner Bluenose sank in the Caribbean.  The people of the Maritimes thought that she deserved to be remembered so they built the Bluenose II.  Today, she takes visitors to Nova Scotia on sailing trips.
  11. FLY HIGH - Michael Mitchell - During the early 1900’s, bush pilots were the lifeline that kept many northern communities alive during times of bad weather or illness.  The spirit of the early Canadian aviators lives on today in those who travel into space.
  12. CANADA IS - Steve Hyde & Eric Robertson - This song tells about what this country stands for, our hopes for the future, and the way we welcome people from all parts of the world to share this land with us.
  13. WE’RE ALL LOOKING FOR A DINOSAUR Michael Mitchell - Michael wrote this song for a segment of the children's TV program Sesame Street.  The dinosaur bones that are constantly being found in and around Drumheller, Alberta inspired it.
  14. BLACK FLY SONG - Wade Hemsworth - The folks who live in North Ontario dread the time of year when those pesky black flies begin to swarm.
  15. LAND OF THE SILVER BIRCH - Traditional - A paddling song with a more aboriginal perspective.
  16. AU CHANTE DE L’ALOUETTE - Traditional - This Acadian version of a traditional song tells about talking birds, able to communicate with humans, especially girls.
  17. MAPLE SUGAR TIME - Michael Mitchell - Michael wrote this about a favourite Eastern Canadian pastime - gathering up the maple syrup and having fun at a traditional cabane a sucre.
  18. JACK WAS EVERY INCH A SAILOR - Traditional - Newfoundland people know how to tell a tall tale, especially when it comes to fishing stories.  This is one of their more famous ones.
  19. WATER - Michael Mitchell - There is more fresh water in Canada than in any other country.  But we should never take it for granted.
  20. WHERE THE COHO FLASH SILVER - Lloyd Arntzen - Each morning, west coast fishers head out in search of those famous silver fish, the Coho salmon.
  21. I LIKE WALKING IN THE WOODS - Michael Mitchell - Woods are a great place to escape to and let both your feet and imagination wander.
  22. DONKEY RIDING - Traditional / Additional lyrics by Michael Mitchell - The 'donkey' referred to in the song is not of the animal variety but rather refers to the crane or mechanical system used to hoist cargo between a ship and the dock
  23. BIG WET RODENT DAY - Michael Becker / John Acorn - A tribute to our most revered rodent and national symbol.
  24. AH! SI MON MOINE VOULAIT DANSER - Traditional - The title is a play on words.  “Moine” means both a spinning top and a monk.  To encourage him to dance, the monk is offered, in fun, first a hood or cap, then a rosary, etc. 
  25. WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER AND FALL - Michael Mitchell - Living in Canada, you never get bored with the weather.  So, why not dedicate a song to our ever changing seasons?


‘O Canada’

Includes four music files featuring Michael’s versions of ‘O Canada’ – English, French, bilingual and instrumental.  You can use these to diversify the ones you might normally broadcast during morning exercises.  Match them up with the other ‘O Canada’ resources found in this Teaching Kit. 

Note:  If you are NOT hosting a show but would like a full Teaching Kit or an 'O Canada' Teaching Kit, you can buy one in our store.




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